Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra) pictures

This post won't be about birds ,but I think that it will be very interesting for all of you who love nature. Few days ago my brother sent me some unique pictures of a Fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra). The pictures were made neat Veshtica.

Fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra)

Fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra)

Here is some interesting information that I found about Fire salamanders:

"Fire salamanders live in central European forests and are more common in hilly areas. They prefer deciduous forests, since they like to hide in fallen leaves and around mossy tree trunks. They need small brooks or ponds with clean water in their habitat for the development of the larvae. Whether on land or in water, fire salamanders are inconspicuous. They spend much of their time hidden beneath stones, wood or other objects. They are active in the evening and the night, but on rainy days they are active in daytime as well.
The diet of the fire salamander consists of various insects, spiders, earthworms and slugs, but they also occasionally eat newts and young frogs. Small prey will be caught within the range of the vomerine teeth or by the posterior half of the tongue, to which the prey adheres. It weighs about 40 grams. The fire salamander can grow to be 15–25 centimetres (5.9–9.8 in) long."

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Surprising snow in Belogradchik

After this hot and dry winter something unexpected happened in Belogradchik. It is snowing there for the past few days and the weather is very cold and windy.

I think that this sudden change can be very dangerous for the birds ,because in the warmer weather most of them were preparing for the mating season.

On the pictures below you can see the snow and ice in Belogradchik. The pictures were taken by my brother Aleksander.

The new look of my blog !

After more than 3 years i've decided to change the look of my blog. I don't know is it better ,but I hope that you will tell me that. I will be very happy if you give me some tips about my blog and I will also be happy to hear your opinion about it now.

So I hope that you will like it and comment below :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Common starling (sturnus vulgaris) in Sofia

Today I saw Starlings for the first time this year.It was a small flock 4 or 5 birds ,but the more interesting thing was that they were  singing very actively and I thing that this is a sign that spring is coming.

Spring ringing 23-24.04.2022