Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Trying to catch up with blogging - Veshtica/04.02.2018

In the past year, I was unable to find time for enough ringing sessions. Anyways, I will catch up with few post about my ringing activities in 2018.

My first ringing attempt for ringing was on 04.02.2018. Unfortunately the weather was against me - sunny weather combined with winds.

The totals for the day were:
Total: 4
Great tit - 1
Blue tit - 1
Tree sparow - 1
Nuthatch - 1

Blue tit/Parus caeruleus/

Great tit/Parus major

Nuthatch/Sitta europaea

Nuthatch/Sitta europaea

Spring ringing 23-24.04.2022