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My burned ringing site

I am back in Belogradchik because there are elections here and I wanted to vote. Today I found some time and went to Veshtica to see my burned ringing site....I was shocked. You will see on the pictures that there is almost nothing left.

Before the fire...


Some food for the survivors.

Every day the same...

Every day is the same....I just don't know what to do here in Sofia. I don't even have time to go in the park and enjoy some of the birds there :( I envy the people that have time for some nature and I hope they understand what they have !!!


Today my brother called me and told me that there was a fire in Veshtica. The land around the village is almost 100% burned but there are no casualties from the village. He and my father managed to save our bee hives. My ringing site also survived. This winter I will have to double my effords with the bird feeding but I will do what I can :) For now I don't have photos , but if I find some you will see them.