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The last ringing in the last day

It's 31.12.2011 so today was my last chanse for some ringing. Yesterday I went to bed at 03:30 AM and this morning I woke up at 06:00 AM. So I had less than 2 hours for some sleep. But this morning the weather was very good for the mist net-no sun and no wind ,but cold. The totals for the day are very good for my standarts-17 birds (15 new and 2 recaps).
-5- Yellowhammers
-2-Sombre tits
-9-Great tits

So this was the last ringing for the year and for the short time that I had I'm very happy...

I wish you all Happy New year and much more great moments with our hobby !!!

Cute mole video

This is a video made by brother while he was in the forests near Veshtica. This mole is searching for food in the leaves.

Where is the snow this winter ?

Christmas is near but here in Bulgaria we still don't have snow :( And the forecast is showing that there maybe there wont be any snow even on Christmas. I will probably be in Belogradchik for the holidays and it will make me very sad if there is no snow...But anyway I will probably have some time for my birds so I guess this is enough :)