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The weather is danger for the birds

My brother send me pictures from Belogradchik. The snow there is more than 40 sm and I think this is quite dangerous for the birds :( Here are some pictures so you can see for yourself :)

Poachers killed Great Bustard (Otis tarda) in Bulgaria

Today Great Bustard was killed in Bulgaria. I saw the news and it made me very angry..because here nobody will be punished for this crime...

Here are the photos of the dead Bustard..

Srebarna Nature Reserve

I found some information about Srebarna Nature Reserve that might be interesting for you and I am going to share it with you :)

The Srebarna Nature Reserve (Природен резерват Сребърна, Priroden rezervat Srebarna) is a nature reserve in northeastern Bulgaria (Southern Dobruja), near the village of the same name, 18 km west of Silistra and 2 km south of the Danube. It comprises Lake Srebarna and its surroundings and is located on the Via Pontica, a bird migration route between Europe and Africa.
The reserve embraces 6 km² of protected area and a buffer zone of 5.4 km². The lake's depth varies from 1 to 3 m. There is a museum constructed, where a collection of stuffed species typical for the reserve is arranged.


While Lake Srebarna was studied many times in the past by foreign biologists, the first Bulgarian scientist to take an interest in the area was Aleksi Petrov, who visited the reserve in 1911. In 1913, the whole of Southern Dobrudja was incorporated in Romania, but was …

Snowboarding Crow-funny

This is video that I found today on youtube :)