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My first ringed bird...

I ringed my first bird 9 years ago. I was 11 years old and I've just started learning about birds. It was the beginning of the summer and the weather was very worm. My father told me that there is a swallows nest in the barn. So we decided to see if there are little swallows in the nest. When we went there we saw 4 little yellow beaks. My father made all the ringing but I helped his as much as I could. It was very exciting day for me :) This was my first ringing...Tell about yours :)


  1. Well done. You have a lifetime of ringing birds ahead of you. From your question on my blog.We catch many Chaffinches in just mist nets from the huge popualtion in the norh of England and Scotland when they migrate south in the autumn. In the autumn they come to an MP3 and speaker of the song- try it, but only in autumn.

  2. My first ringing was last year in May when I went on a ringing course for 10 days. I was so nervous and afraid I would hurt the bird. I now have my licence and ring regularly. It is the best hobby in the world.

  3. Yes it is ! Phil if I try the MP3 I will tell you the results :) Cheers from Bulgaria !

  4. My first bird was a Grasshopper Warbler when I was about the age that you were when you went out with your father. I remember that the very first mist nets were being tried out in UK. Haven't ringed a "cherry-cracker" yet though! Best wishes for a long ringing future!


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