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Many birds ,but no ringing....

Today I was planing to make some ringing ,but the weather was way too hot and sunny for mist nets. Last few years I ringed little Red-backed shrikes in July so today I went outside for a walk. I hoped that I will find Red-backed shrike nests and I'll be able to ring some shrikes. But there was a fire last autumn and all the bushes were burned. So I didn't find any nests today. I saw 4 adult male  Red-backed shrikes , one of them was holding a locust in his beak. I thought that he will impale the locust and I'll be able to picture it ,but after 5 minutes the male just ate it :)

On my way back I saw two Storks and one Black Stork (Ciconia nigra).

Here is a picture of a Barn Swallow nest in my house in Veshtica:

And here is my new little,little cat :

Now something sad...this is the result of an idiot driving and drivers...I saw this dead Dice snake (Natrix tessellata). Every day many snakes,turtles and other animals are killed by drivers for no reason...This make me sad..


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I'm going to start series of posts about some of the interesting birds in Bulgaria. I will try to talk about rare birds from my hometown region. The first post will be about the Black Stork  (Ciconia nigra). This bird is very,very rare in Bulgaria ,but near Belogradchik there are several lakes where you can see Black Storks. The nearest of them is the Dubrava lake which is 5 kilometers from Belogradchik.

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