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Prepare the feeders

The weather has been cold for the past few days and this reminds me to prepare my bird feeders. For the last two years here in Sofia I haven't seen even one single bird feeder. This is because the people here are not used to spare time for activities like feeding birds. The attention is on the problem with the dogs and cats. I don't think that this is not important ,but people should have 10 minutes every day to put some seeds on the window or something like that. I think that the main problem is the lack of talking about this at the schools. If someone has learned in young age the importance of taking care for those who need help ,he will find it normal when he is older. For me this is the key to draw the attention on our bird friends.

So prepare you feeders and lets try to help as much as we can !


  1. That's wonderful! However, I find if we did this in Australia, it not only attracts birds, it attracts cats. And unfortunately it attracts our "pest" birds and not the native birds, which we would like to see more of.


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