Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last ringing for the vacation

17.09.2011 was the last day for me in Belogradchik for this vacation.Tomorrow I have to go to Sofia because on 19.09 I will start my second year in the university. I am happy for the time I spended here but sadly It have to end. So for today 4 birds: 2 Robins and 2 Blackcaps(male and a female). I also made a table which I am planing to use as a feeder. I will have to start buying seeds and nuts for the winter. For now I am satisfied of what I've accomplished. I wish to all many happy memories with our favorite birds.


  1. I have enjoyed reading your last few posts of your ringing while on Vacation. Does this mean you will not be ringing anymore? What are you studying? I hope you will still be blogging about your birding, wherever you are. Regards from South Africa.

  2. Hi :) I just wont have much time, but I wont stop ringing.I will do everything I can to do what I love :P
    Cheers from Bulgaria :)


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