Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blackcap domination !

On 21.07.2012(Saturday) I got up at 5:00AM. I took my brothers bike and I began the 12km journey from Belogradchik to Veshtica. The first thing that I saw was the sun...

At 6:30AM I managed to set up the mist nets and the ringing started. For the whole ringing session I ringed 12 birds:

-1-Song Thrush
-1-Great tit
-1-Tree sparrow
-1-Olive-tree Warbler(Hippolais olivetorum)(young)- I will make separate post about this bird with pictures and video.

Very interesting for me was the fact that whole of the seven Blackcaps were females. Maybe they are migrating before or after the males, but I didn't even see any male  Blackcaps. Most of the other ringed birds were young. Here are some pictures from today :

Song Thrush

Female Blackcap

Female Blackcap

Young Blackbird

Young Blackbird

Tomorrow I will try to make some ringing,photos and videos .

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