Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is it save to share bird trap information ?

I have a question ....Do you think that it is save to post information about bird traps. I have many schemes about traps ,but I haven't posted them because I thought that bad people can see them and use those traps for killing birds or selling them ...

Please tell me your opinion. I want to share the information with other bird ringers ,but I'm not sure how to secure the information.

So help me with some advice please !


  1. Hi.
    I would say definitely NOT. anybody could be reading your blog and not everybody would use any information you give with good intent. I know for certain that if any ringer here in the UK gave out any information of this type they would lose their licence!

  2. You are probably best keeping quiet about traps. As some people could do illegal things with them.

  3. Yes . I thought about it and I won't share anything here.The risk is too big. I wanted to help other ringers ,but thats not the way :)

    Happy ringing !

  4. Best not to share only one to one with people you know and trust.

  5. I only share information with fellow ringers/banders and this is a one on one basis. I am always looking at new ways other than using mist nets and bal-chatri's, and have made a great trap for seedeaters at my feeders but I only share with known ringers. I would love to see some traps but please do not post them.


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